Making Of #213 – Part One

This sunday we started building our MakerBot (#213).

The construction set is great! Easy to build, well thought through. The building documentation on the MakerBot Wiki is extensive, althought some steps are slightly differents due to small changes in the newest revision of the construction kit. But hey, it keeps us on our toes and in the end, we will know our bot inside and out…

After six hours, we were done with the main chassis, the XY-carriage and the little electronics that needed soldering. We are now in the process of building the extruder.

Unfortunately we hit a little snag: The Z-stage, an acrylic plate which will hold the extruder, is missing. It’s quite a critical piece and without access to a precision laser cutter, we will have to wait upon the delivery of the part before we can complete the printer. Thanks to Makerbot Industries for the quick and uncomplicated handling of the replacement.

So far it’s a lot of fun. We get more and more excited by the minute. It’s gonna be the future soon.

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  1. Seufz, noch nicht. Aber die neue Welle der Erneuerungen lässt mich wieder auf wärmere Tage hoffen: Dann werden auf unserem Estrich wieder Temperaturen herrschen, welche auch Menschen zu funktionieren erlauben.

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