The tools to define your world

The tools with which we do design today, are our tools. We make the shapes, people buy and use the shapes. Tomorrow, this will be different. The tools to make things and define your world, will be available to everybody.

Chris Bangle (Former Design Director, BMW) in the documentary Objectified

BTW: Construction of Makerbot #216 will resume shortly after the break.

The only audience that matters

The Hurrican is coming; you have twenty minutes, get your stuff and go.

You’re not going to be saying: Well, that got an amazing writeup in this design blog. You’re going to pick the most meaningful objects to you. Because those are the true objects that truly reflect the true story of who you are, and what you’re personal narrative is, and the story that you’re telling to yourself and no one else. Because that’s the only audience that matters.

Rob Walker (Autor, New York Times Magazine) in Objectified